Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sex and the City Relationships and Priorities (Group 1- Gender)

We are focusing our study on the women of Sex and the City, and our question is, "How do these women's relationships differ from one another's, and how do their perspectives on life (career, kids, social status) effect this?" So basically, we will be studying how the women act in their different relationships, who has the power in the relationship, and how outside factors effect their relationships with their significant others.

Deziel, Shanda. (2003). City slickness. Maclean's,116(38), 50-51.

This article is about the girls in Sex and the City who are out looking for love, or lust, and how the men are never good enough. The more things are wrong, the more the girls discuss what they want out of relationships. Who says women aren't purely interested in purely physical relationships?

Shelasky, Alyssa. (2008). Let's talk about sex. People,69(20), 118-122.

The actresses on the characters with regard to boys, scandals and views on how the characters think of their boy troubles. Where they think the relationships are going and why.

Naussbaum, Emily. (2008). "sarah jessica parker would like a few words with carrie bradshaw. New York, 41(17), 22

Talks about a book, which people call an earlier version of Sex and the City, and how it is different. Views on how the characters want more out of life. The women are portrayed as free and on the marriage hunt. Shows the values of the single woman in the 21st century.

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