Sunday, March 28, 2010

"I Want Your Bad Gender" (Gender Group 3)

Our podcast examines the question of whether or not gender portrayals within the media creates certain expectations and stereotypes within popular culture. To that end, it takes a look at how Lady Gaga has taken on more masculine qualities and how Adam Lambert who has taken on feminine qualities, and how the mass public has reacted to these abnormalities. We see that there are unwritten gender norms that our culture has developed over the decades, and the mass public relies on the media to reinforce those set gender norms. Popular figures in the media today like Adam Lambert and Lady Gaga defy traditional gender norms. Culture is dependent upon the media to confirm gender stereotypes. Like we have said before the media, especially music reinforces specific definitions of masculinity and femininity and everyone may not and does not fit those definitions. Also, Gender related issues are still a problem today like misogyny and homophobia. These issues are encouraged by the mass media and their portrayal of the standard gender roles and norms. Needless to say the impact of gender stereotypes on the mass public is very substantial. It is very apparent from reactions to both Lady Gaga and Adam Lambert that even though the year isn’t 1950, people are still being defined according to gender.

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