Friday, March 5, 2010

Religion portrayed through The DaVinci Code movie (Religion- Group 3)

Due to the success of the film, our group will use The DaVinci Code as a case study for how religion is portrayed in popular culture. This will focus more on how the film industry frames religion within the popular culture realm. This film has received much criticism from Christians (specifically Catholics) because they believe it to have many inaccurate facts. Our group will distinguish the story with comparisons of actual Christian beliefs. This will help us define a popular culture view of religion in the media.

Rottenberg, J. , Jensen, J. , Rice, L. , Smith, S. , Sperling, N. , & Vary, A. (2009). MOVIES, MONEY, GOD. Entertainment Weekly, (1047), 28-33. Retrieved from Film and Television Literature Index with Full Text database.

This article discusses the relationship the film industry has had with religious organizations. It discusses how these organizations have reacted to films, such as The Passion of the Christ and The DaVinci Code. It also discusses the surprising movies Christians do watch, making the relationship between the two hard to figure out. This article will help us to better understand Christian movie-goers and the film industries relationship with them.

Calvert-Koyzis, N. (2006). Re-sexualizing the magdalene:Dan Brown's Misuse of Early Christian Documents in The DaVinci Code. The Journal of Religion and Popular Culture, 12. Retrieved from

The author discusses Dan Brown's views of Mary Magdalene having a sexual relationship with Jesus, as well as, being married and having children with him. The author compares Dan's ideas with his credentials and further investigates the documents he researched. Overall, the author finds that Dan misrepresented these documents and supports her findings of his mistakes. This will be beneficial in helping us understand the upset Christians have had with the film. It will also provide scholarly insight into this topic of religion.

Corliss, R. , Lofaro, L. , Neuman, C. , & Philadelphia, D. (2004). THE GOSPEL ACCORDING TO SPIDER-MAN. Time, 164 (7), 70. Retrieved from MAS Ultra-School Edition database.

The article discusses how religious leaders, such as pastors, are incorporating films into their lessons to help demonstrate biblical ideology in a way that is relatable to the congregation. There is now a need for Hollywood to appeal to religious viewers and the article discusses their tactics in getting those viewers to watch something seen as moral whether it was really meant to be interpretted as so. This will help us evaluate how religion can be used in the film industry and actually please a Christian audience, even if this industry is based on secular ideas through popular culture.

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