Sunday, March 28, 2010

Football in the South, An Implicit Religion (Religion-Group 3)

Our group podcast explored the concept of lived religion and how it is portrayed within popular culture. Our case study further explored implicit religion by looking at the value and emotions placed on football, particularly in the south. We found that southern culture puts a major emphasis on traditions associated with football (tailgating, other game day rituals). Popular culture has made football a symbolic representation of religious activity by increasing the popularity of teams and their players. Winning games becomes so important because teams are representing their school or state. In this sense, the players resemble strength and honor of the people they are representing, just like Christ resembles perfection and grace by Christian followers. The emotions and traditions of the game highly resemble feelings and traditions associated with Christianity. (*see links) Southern culture's admiration towards football has become religious, representing the idea of implicit religion. To fuller answer our question, the relationship between popular culture and lived religion is one that is in dialogue. This is due to popular culture having an ethical arena that can be important for religious participants to promote, condemn, or have access to for personal use and agenda.

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