Monday, March 29, 2010

Gender Roles in "Sex and the City"

Our podcast will investigate the different ways in which the media can create and influence different stereotypes of women in popular culture. It not only perceives women as caregivers, but also as bread winners. The question we will be focusing on is “Do gender portrayals in the media create certain expectation and stereotypes within popular culture?” To answer this question we will be referencing the series of Sex and the City as our case study to guide us in researching four different modern day stereotypes of women, “the iron maiden, the sex object, the child, and the mother” (Macey 1), and how their roles in their relationships with the opposite sex play a significant role in their day to day lives. We will also be researching each of their takes on what defines their “stereotypical” version of what a relationship should be and how these definitions will compare their personality styles with the teachings of Marxism and Post-Structuralism.

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