Friday, March 26, 2010

Religious Products & Consumerism During Holidays (Religion- Group 1)

Our society is based largely on consumerism and this act of buying has seeped into religion through popular culture today. It is evident that religion is attempting to keep up with the quick developments of society such as involvement on the internet. Almost every church has a website, and a tab for resources, and often an online store. Very clearly seen in Christianity and in Judaism, the purchasing of religious products has greatly influenced the way in which people interact with their religion in culture. These products include books, music, movies, jewelry, decorations, t-shirts, etc. The reason for this consumerism is a sense of belonging and devoutness to a particular religion, giving identity and purpose. Americans are spending around $450 billion a year on Christmas alone. This does not even include the amount of dollars spent on Hanukkah within the Jewish community, which has become a competitor to Christmas spending. A case study shows the majority of these purchases are done so by wealthy, educated women. Several organizations have proposed alternate ways to celebrate the holidays to reduce spending in order to celebrate the true meaning of these holidays.

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