Monday, March 29, 2010

Race & Ethnicity- Group 1 Media Affiliations with Race Perception

We will address how certain media outlets frame race to the general public, specifically to children viewers and what this does for their own personal perception of color. We will illustrate certain examples such as Clark’s Doll Test and the film, “The Princess and the Frog” and what implications these examples have for how youth look at their own color and how media looks at color. The terms race and ethnicity will also be clarified to help further the understanding within this discussion and lastly, we will navigate through the media’s history of lacking diverse actors and how it adversely affects youth today. In this podcast, we will be delving into the idea that the media and entertainment industry alike lack diversity and fail to represent a realistic portrayal of particular races. The lack of color in TV, film, etc; has an effect on children that perpetuates prejudice ideals and is simply not representative of our population today. The evidence is clear, color is not abundant in commercials, movies and the like and children are seeing themselves differently because of this false representation, this hyperrealism. The media needs to take responsibility in properly representing all people in a medium that is consumed by the entire population, not just one race or ethnicity.

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