Monday, March 29, 2010

Race and Ethnicity: Group 3

Using a talk show structure to create a dialogue, our podcast will explore African-American portrayals and stereotypes in advertising. We will delve into some of the methods involved in race-based advertising. This will cover different stereotypes used as well as some of the different media outlets that are utilized. We mention a made up ad that a few common stereotypes. We will include reasons that corporations use black racial stereotypes in commercial and print advertisements; the purchasing power of African Americans. This will include the benefits that companies gain through the use of stereotypes as well as their justification for targeting African-Americans specifically. In addition, we will look at the effect that African American race-based advertising has on society's view and relationship toward stereotypes. More specifically, we will highlight the affect on African-American society as well as society in general. The biggest message to take away from our podcast is that the impact of race-based advertising on society leads to an incorrect idea of African-Americans that reinforces existing stereotypes. The following articles were particularly helpful in our research.

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