Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Considering “culture” in Popular Culture

In Thursday's lecture we will be considering what the “culture” in Popular Culture means. We will also address the question: How is culture created and defined by civilization and groups?

I am looking for you to provide an example of a popular culture phenomenon that presents a distinctive definition or understanding of culture. For instance if we think about of Matthew Arnold's definition "the best of what is thought or said by humanity" how does this particular popular culture artifact express or define this?


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  2. How about the movie Avatar ( which we already watched in class?

    The movie highlights the tension between 2 different cultures: a "human culture" presented as technologically advanced and focused on subjugations of nature in order to keep that cultural lifestyle alive verse a "native culture" which offered a romantic view of an agrarian culture seeking to live in harmony with the natural world. The movie promoted the idea that to be technological savvy equals a perception of cultural superiority. However in the end it was the native culture and which was focused on issues of character/spiritual development which was shown in the end to be the somewhat superior culture.

    For further explaination see:

    -Heidi Campbell